And this is how it works

1. Select the desired map section

2. Select a map styling

3. Place a marker in the desired position

4. The map is available for download

1. Map Section

Icon 1 Select a desired map section. By using the search function you will quickly find the desired region. Here you can search for cities or ZIP codes or directly navigate in a map and find your section.

Use the navigation elements to move over the map. You can move the map­section by clicking and dragging the mouse. You can also zoom in and out with your mouse scrall wheel.

Icon 2 Name your map. So you can easily find it in your overview later on.

Icon 3 Adapt the size of your map to your needs or select a pre-defined map size. Adjust the size with the plus and minus symbols or by direct input. In order to increase or decrease the size of the map, you can also touch it interactively and move the edges in the direction you want.

2. Map Styling

Icon 1 In a second step, select a map styling. Thus, you can adjust the map to your needs so that the map fits to your design.

In addition to various maps in shades of pastel, red and blue, a grayscale version is available, too.

Icon 2 Regardless of the map design, you can always hide or display houses and contours of streets and areas.

Icon 3 Furthermore, you can edit map details. Decide which streets and areas shall be labeled. Street names can be edited or added manually.

An overview of all functions concerning the editing of map details can be found in the help section.

Edit Map Details→

3. Marker

Icon 1 Mark your position. With a simple click the location symbol marks the desired position.

Are you still not satisfied with the position? Just move the location symbol with your mouse. To move it keep the mouse pressed right over the symbol.

Icon 2 Choose the style of the location symbol from the given list.

Icon 3 Afterwards you can select any colour, rotate the marker and change its size.

4. Download

Icon 1 Save a preview picture of your map and try if it fits to your webiste or brochure. A watermarked map is available in different resolutions for web and printing.

Icon 2 When you have a map you like, you can buy it. The map is available as a raster map with high resolution. You can also buy your map as a vector graphic in SVG format. This allows you to process and adjust it to every application purpose.

Icon 3 After the purchase the watermark will be removed.