Edit Map

Edit Map Details

1. Decide which streets and areas should be labeled.

2. Add own labels.

3. Download your map.

Open editing mode

Icon 1 In the style section you have the opportunity to choose a design and to edit map details. You can decide yourself which labels of areas or street should be drawn. Furthermore, you can place your own labels on the map.

Maps can only be edited for detailed maps. The button Icon 2 indicates when an editing is possible. Clicking the button starts the editing mode.

If an editing of the details is not possible, go to the location section and zoom in. After that the editing should be possible.

Note that you will lose your changes to the map details if you need to change the map location or map size later. So make sure the location is right before continuing with the editing process.

Edit labels

An algorithm generates as many labels as possible on the map. Now you can select which labels are important for you.

Colours in the map indicate the current labeling status of areas and streets. Orange colour indicates an automatically generated label. Green colour indicates a high priority for the object's label and it will be tried to include this label. If streets or areas are grey, their labels will not be shown.

Icon 1 Via the filter function you have the chance to edit several labels in a single step. Via the Icon 2 button you can assign current elements to a list.

Besides hiding and showing, you can edit and change labels yourself in the editing mode Icon 3

Note: All changes made to the map only become visible after clicking "Redraw Map".

In addition to the redraw function you also can hide the lines to see the final result of your editing process.

Own labels

A label is missing or you would like to add some notes or directions on the map? No problem! You can add your own labels.

Icon 1 First, decide whether the label should be a single point or if it should follow a line.

Icon 2 Now place the point or line at the desired position in the map. Afterwards you can Icon 3 enter the label text and save it.

Note: All labels and changes to the map only become visible after clicking "Redraw Map".

Some additional hints:

  • Move points afterwards by clicking and dragging.
  • Write labels with multiple lines by pressing SHIFT+Enter keys for a line break.
  • Finish the drawing of a line by double-clicking on the map